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 Mathias Køhler /ACCPTD/

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Mathias Køhler
Kongeriget Danmark ☆
Mathias Køhler

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PostSubject: Mathias Køhler /ACCPTD/   Mathias Køhler /ACCPTD/ I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 1:31 am


N A M E :
Mathias Køhler

A G E :
Twenty three

B I R T H P L A C E :
Copenhagen, Denmark

P O W E R :

H E I G H T :
Six feet one inches

W E I G H T :
One hundred and forty pounds.

D I V I S I O N :
Member of

A P P E A R A N C E :
C l i c k

Because of his roots, Mathias is quite tall, standing at a six feet one, the blond practically towers over a lot of people. His eyes are a sapphire, usually giving off the feel as if he's up to no good (which most of the time is correct). A grin is always present on his face, everywhere he goes, even if he were to be pissed off to the point of wanting to murder someone. Clothing wise, the Dane prefers to wear somewhat casual, disliking suits, however he is often seen with a tie as accessory. Dress shirts, a pair of tight pants and boots are mainly what he wears, of course he adds some things here and there, like belts and whatnot. Colours that he prefers to wear are shades of red and black.

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
Mathias appears to be a rather cheerful young man, with a bashful attitude. He comes off as somewhat clueless and perhaps simple minded, however that is only one side of this cheerful blond. Behind his little mask of security and happiness, Mathias is actually crueler than he seems, enjoying bloodshed and torture, despite the grin on his face telling people otherwise. He's very confident of himself and knows that he's strong, his ego, mind you, is quite large and nothing can really put him down, he doesn't even notice if something is not a joke and doesn't quite take things serious at all.

H I S T O R Y :
05 June 1986, Copenhagen, Denmark
On the fifth of June in a tiny little house near the docks, a baby’s cries filled the air as it had sucked up his first little bit of air. The poor child with its tear-filled baby blues and blond tuff of hair was a cry baby, a child his parents would rather throw in a dumpster to get rid of its crying, if only it wasn’t so preciously useful to them, after all it wouldn’t take too long before they too wouldn’t be there anymore. The child’s name; Mathias Køhler

05 June 1991, ?, Denmark
It was the boy’s fifth birthday and also the time where he was going to grow up to become a strong man to step into his parents’ footsteps. His birthday that year would’ve been the worst he’d ever had, if only he could remember it, however whatever had happened that day had been erased from his memories and his parents had always told him he’d just bumped his head against the table. However, in reality he’d actually made his first kill, but most definitely not his last one in his whole life, a girl his age mangled so badly that she was nearly not recognizable. He’d done it, guilty as charged.

05 June 1996, ?, Denmark
Years passed and in less than 5, Mathias had gotten used to having his memory erased, however, it had started to become less and less, his own powers growing in the mean time. His parents, both in Division had been getting him ready to follow them, grow stronger and more heartless, they taught him how to hide his true self, taught him how to manipulate the world to his liking and if it didn’t go as planned, torture, erase and eventually drive his victims insane to the point of suicide.

05 June 2001, ?, Denmark
He can’t remember it anymore, when he joined Division. It’s been a long time since he’s started his training and in that time he’s developed his powers better. Only fifteen then, but knowing nothing better than to follow his killer instincts, that what his now deceased parents have taught him. Killed, by his own hands. Brutally murdered into a bloody pulp, they were proud of him, having seen it coming. Mathias had grown insane by his own doing.

? December 2002, ?, ?
He remembers his parents' deaths as if it had only happened yesterday, but it's been at least a year insce they had died. Sixteen of age, Mathias finds himself somewhere entirely different, somewhere that isn't his precious Denmark, it doesn't matter though, because where the hell he might be, he's got some new toys to play with, a young boy only two years younger than him, Berwald Oxenstierna. However, he doesn't know that this person is going to make a huge impact on his life, more or less being able to read him like a book, something no one has ever been able to do. Although only a year has passed, the fact that he still trains his powers has only made it increase drastically.

? 2009, ?, ?
Right now he's working under his self-proclaimed best friend, Lars, still stuck with Berwald, however he very much appreciates both their companies. He can't remember how many people he's killed over the years, how many memories he's erased, how many he's kept for himself, the only thing that's truly stuck was the pleasure he received from doing all the things he's done. A maniac, one could say, which was more than true. His killer intent has grown too, just as much as his powers, the lust for blood making his own blood pump in his veins. He doesn't question, because to everything his only answer is; To kill, or to be killed. It's about survival, after all.

RP S A M P L E :
The sound of quick footsteps moving through puddles of water echoed throughout the streets of Hong Kong, a rhythmic pattern slowly starting to go faster as rain poured down from the gray heavens. The pattern slowly turning into a song, a song that would remind one of being chased, something Mathias favoured. The weather, the time, the situation, the location, everything was perfect for him. The perfect scene for murder. It made the Dane feel giddy, the adrenaline in his bloody going haywire. If only that damned bitch wasn't so extremely fast, but that wouldn't stop Mathias. He'd get her, make sure she'd suffer like the dog she was, she deserved it.

Earlier that week he'd been sent on a mission, one of the subjects had escaped and he was chosen to return her, dead or alive, of course it was obvious that he'd return her dead, preferable mutilated to the point of no recognizability. When he was handed the picture that was now stuffed in the pocket of his coat, he'd simply grinned wickedly. His victim had a small round face, angelic blond hair and deep sapphire eyes that showed her every emotion. So innocent and young, he was definitely going to have the time of his life with this Sniffer. He'd make her death slow and painful, enjoy every scream coming from the girl as he'd rip her throat open. Perfect.

"Here kitty~" He called, the knife hidden in his sleeve sliding in his hand as he chased the girl, turning right and left in random alley ways. She could run, but she couldn't hide, even if she'd managed to hide from him, he'd find her and corrupt her slowly. Just as he rounded a corner, the girl had vanished into thick air, the alley way ending in a dead end and that bitch nowhere to be found. Scoffing, Mathias pocketed the knife again, it was a pity he wasn't allowed to carry his axe around, he would've loved to just chop her up into little pieces.

"Little wrench got away..." Muttering under his breath, he turned around, ready to just give up and tell Lars that the mission had been a failure and the woman had gotten away successfully, if only he was stupid enough to do so. Mathias wasn't going to give up, like hell he would, he was just pretending to do so, and his prey walked right into the mousetrap he'd set as a sudden yelp came from behind a trashcan and a cat sprinted out of the alley.


Turning on his heels, Mathias had that mischief grin upon his face, the grin growing wider as he closed up on her hiding place. He could practically smell the lavender from her shampoo in her golden hair, like a hungry beast attracted to the scent of blood. He could clearly see the shivering mess behind the trashcan as he towered over it, knife pulled out of his pocket again. His heavy footsteps had alarmed the girl, but she was so scared that she froze as he had gotten closer.

Lightning fast his arm shot out, fingers tangling in golden locks, scraping across her scalp as his victim yelped on pain. Laughter escaped the male as he watched her struggle in amusement, pulling her closer to him. "Why, hello there, I hope you had a nice run, because it'll be your last," he grinned at her, taking in every little detail of that moment. Her eyes dilated as she stared at the blond in fear, body shaking violently, the scent of rain mixed with urine entering his nose. So she'd pissed herself in fear, lovely. "You better not have gotten those boots dirty, they were expensive. Else you'll be the one licking them clean before I make sure you will never be able to use that tongue of yours anymore~" She whimpered like a lost puppy, only entertaining Mathias more as he made sure their face were only inches away, the smell of alcohol clearly on his tongue. "I'll make sure you'll suffer, my fair lady... Such innocence shouldn't go to waste so fast."

A scream was ripped from her throat as he threw her across the alley way against the wall, a satisfying cracking alarming him that her fragile, little arm had been shattered. The terror within her eyes was like a drug to him, her fear was intoxicating and nearly arousing, if only he weren't so flaming homosexual wasn't so wrapped up in wanting to hurt her rather than his sexual needs. Laughing loudly, Mathias pulled one of the several weapons he carried out of his pocket. Needles. Long needles varying from size and thickness. "What to start with, what to start with... I'd love to ruin that pretty little face of yours, gouge out your eyes, perhaps make your nose like Michael Jackson's, only worse? Give you an eternal smile... Perhaps I should just scalp you and keep your scalp as a trophy... Hmm, so much I could do and so little time." He grasped her hair again, pulling her up for a moment before purposely slamming her wounded arm and all her weight against the wall again, more and more screams coming from the girl as tears sprang from her eyes as she begged for mercy. He merely snorted, taking the thickest needle he had, eyes locked on the girl, wondering what he'd use it on. "You know... Perhaps I could pierce your womb too, you won't be needing that anymore where you're going..." It was a sick and twisted idea, he'd set through with it if only he didn't have so little time. "Darn, I'll just go on with gouging your eyes out.." He mumbled, ignoring the song that echoed through the alley, damned ringtone, obviously it was Lars trying to spoil his fun, but he wouldn't let him.

It seemed to have gone so fast as he pushed the needles through her eyes in her eye sockets, but in reality it lasted at least ten minutes, ten minutes of euphoria, ten minutes of her screeches and screams filling the air, and no one was there to help that poor girl. Oh, Mathias was happy, he just loved starting with eyes, especially ones like hers, so clear and full of fear and pain. The fact that she couldn't close her eyes was the best of it, though and he continued to stab the needles in. Stab, stab, stab. He laughed as he wiped his cheek, blood painting his face red as he'd permanently blinded her. Since she was a dying sniffer, her nose was next, what else would she use it for anyway? "Dearie~ Do you like piercings? No? Too bad, I love them," He giggled (a manly giggle), taking a thinner needle before slowly piercing the skin of her left nostril, pushing through the other one as well. "You like it? I do, you look beautiful, but I think this'll make you even more beautiful." A sincere smile was upon his face, not like she could see it, but still. One... Two... Three... With all his force he pulled on the needle, slowly ripping through her flesh as she flailed around, trying to kick at Mathias as more blood started to flow, staining his clothes and her face.

"What'd you say? Your tongue too~? Why, of course, anything for you."

O T H E R :
Although nothing seems to be able to stop Mathias once he goes on a murder rampage, there are two people who are able to calm him down. Lars and Berwald, two of his self-proclaimed friends, are the only ones who have managed to stop him from doing things that not only harmed others, but also himself.
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Mathias Køhler /ACCPTD/
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