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 Rachata Koykul /ACPTD/

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Rachata Koykul
☆ ราชอาณาจักรไทย
Rachata Koykul

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PostSubject: Rachata Koykul /ACPTD/   Rachata Koykul /ACPTD/ I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 9:26 am


รชต โกยกุล (rachata koykul)




5"8 feet

one hundred and thirty six pounds(62 kg)

Division: no division. whats a division?




(…re-reading this. You can actually summaries all this into 3 actual sentences….wtfhaveidone)

Rachata is, overally, an optimistic and simple person.

He loved his king, he’s friend with everyone he knew, he’s a nice job with a large amount of payings (an embassador inside the royal palace), a huge house with a garden of its own and a top-sized car used for travelling around the never-ending roads of Bangkok.

Always presented with a smile encrypted onto his muscular features. Rachata holds an earnest aura around him as he finds it hard to hide what it is he’s feeling. Although his smile can range from slightly strained, disappointed smile which never fails to guilt trip someone into what his intension should be, seeing such a happy-go-lucky guy failing to see what he wants is somehow heart-wrenching to the people surrounding him, he can be found a rather manipulative person after all.

Although he’s always surrounded in the hot clambered heat of Thailand, he never really gets mad. Only seeming to pout or sulk childishly whenever he’d lost ‘the game’ he was playing.

Rachata also seems to have a rather deeply intrudged passion for online games (he had recently discovered the …magical undeniably AWESOME of it.), considering the amount of time he’d spent on it each day which ranges from approximately 3 to 4 hours or 6 to 12 when there’s no work to get done.

Though with these immature demeanor he is NOT to be considered as a adolescence person.

With a high paying job and higher risk of losing it. Rachata likes to smooth talked his way around the profession and easily accomplished his task thoroughly. He’d take on his job as a first rate priority ,and when flaws can be found in his assignment, the Thai man could go on day and night into working until it is completely, filled up and fixed.

He’d also consider the people he associate with. Avoiding every conflict possible since he finds them rather disturbing and it would’ve ruined his normal daily routine.

Rachata is indeed, oblivious onto a certain amount of level. He had risked losing of his job and house, also experiencing near death but they had never seem to have a direct impact on him. Although is impervious , malice linen manipulated personality does seem to have seeped in to help him sometimes. He would prefer to keep his life simple. A house, food, games and a job would be sufficient enough for him.


Behind his perpetual smile. Rachata was raised in an orphanage. With his childhood years trained into hardship and the ever-lasting feeling of animosity .A sharp nose and keen senses, he likes to scruntinize everyone and everything surrounding him before forwardly approaching them, a reflex from all the years in the abusive orphanage.

Rachata has always had his powers. Ever since his incident in the orphanage (in which he had accidentally
screwed up the half of the building, they’d called the monks over to purified the place while he’d kept quiet, in the dark.) He’d always been smart enough to keep his mouth shut, or confused enough not to ask anybody about it.

Letting it pass without much knowledge of the power, he grew up without acknowledging that there’re others with powers like him. Rooted into the position, he had pretty much taught himself everything and confines in only himself. Therefore, it would’ve been pretty hard to drove him into believing that there’s an actual ‘division’ for those type of specialities.

RP Sample:
(A sample of your *NON-EXISTANCE* RP skills. At least more the 5 sentences, but no more then 8 paragraphs.

Timid and exhausted, the positively vivid heat inside the open canvas along the side of the dirtied decayed road was quite frankly ,unbearable.

Rachata sat , pressed up against the cool metal chair as his eyes followed to set on the mini screen of the TV showing some commercials of toilet papers and kids. The bristling humidity of Thailand and the extent of how freakishly HOT it can get in the country was practically unbelivable.

The steaming hot bowl of brownish flavoured soup and poorly chopped pork with noodles settled in front of him, untouched. The truly imaginative shapes of how a piece of pork could be cut into such exotic figures makes him wonder if the cook is some sadistic malevolent person who’d secretly have something against pig or other edible creatures of the world.

Rachata had given up on eating that ramen, he languidly slurped the cold iced tea on hand as his head started to drift off from the little ramen booth seated on a side of the busied road, blatantly disregarding the oozing fervor making his usual white tee clung onto his broad tanned chest.

With his visit towards the palace embassy today, Rachata had very much been in and out of his senses. The man has been balefully informed, much to his grieves, that he’d have to leave the country, again.

He vaguely registered the labored sigh he’d given, the thought of going away immediately rang a large bell in his mind as he gave another groan of despair. Going away on business trips had always mean he’ll be deprived of his games , and , to make matters worse, staying in somebody else’s house.

Although he’d been looking forward to a vacation in Hongkong in summer, he’d never thought he’ll have to spend half a year there. It's comical, and ironic.

Gathering his offices document along with his mind, Rachata manages to put up a strained smile along with a curt nod towards the owner and patted the money for his meal onto the ancient ,slowly decomposing wooden table.

Rachata isn’t in the division. He hasn’t been discovered as a ‘push’ user yet. Although he knew he’d had the power, he barely uses it. (e.g. just for useless housework such as cleaning the dishes etc.)

He had managed to achieved a nice, well -rounded tan across his body as well, where he finds it difficult to understand why foreigner would compliment him on such a thing… (in his opinion, he’d rather be white….)

[P.S I CANT DO IT IN FRONT OF OTHERS OKAY. IT FREAKS ME OUT LKE. TO THE LIMIT. -sobs- I WISH I CAN DO MY BEST. .... okay. so solution to this problem is rp-ing one on one. ;A; get skype <3 ]

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Rachata Koykul /ACPTD/
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