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 Lovino Vargas /ACPTD/

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Lovino Vargas
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Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas

Twenty-two to twenty-three

Rome, Italy


175 cm. Roughly 5'9", estimated.

129 lbs.

Lovino is not allied with any Division as of yet. He has his own set of "family problems" to deal with, at current, so something like that is cast aside for later debate.

Appearance: [Follow the link; he's on the right in this image.]
Lovino shares many traits with his brother to the point where it can be hard to tell them apart without insight. His hair is more of an upfront copper, appearing reddish in any sort of lighting. He has a long, prominent curl at the front of his hair that wraps itself upwards, opposite of his brother's. Similarly, however, it serves the same purpose -- as an erogenous zone that is made painfully apparent when it is touched in any way or by anything. It could be considered a weak point, in more ways than one.

His eyes are something akin to a gold-brown, sharp and accusing by default. They betray his feelings on the world and the people in it, and tend to give people the idea that he couldn't care less despite their sob stories. His skintone is deeper than his brother's, giving him a more bronze colouration. It may be his personality talking, too, but he certainly seems stronger and more physically competant than Feliciano. However, that is rarely the case. He's just as weak.

Out of the two Vargas siblings, Lovino seems to have the better grasp on things. He will attempt to assault first and ignore the questions, and will not hesitate to get right in any offender's face, be it rightly founded or for a ridiculous reason. This is, primarily, due to his upbringing, explained below. He seems to follow a "you mess with the bull, you get the whole beast" principle. Despite that gusto, he is very poor at following through with his agitation. He's painfully clumsy and will usually hurt himself before being able to properly intimidate or attack something.

He's quite lazy, most of the time; if he doesn't want to do it, he simply won't, despite whatever threats come his way. Only if they seem to have any actual basis to them will he panic and try to make up for his slacking, which usually leads to an even worse screw-up than would usually occur. In contrast to this regular routine of failure, he's a skilled pickpocket.

In a more intimiate look, he can be positively bratty and childish, refusing any sort of cuisine that isn't from his homeland. In a similar attitude, he has a ridiculous amount of complexes and disorders, most, if not all, brought on by his lifestyle as a child. Separation anxiety, an abandonment complex, an inferiority complex, and jealousy complexes so bad to the point of refusing to acknowledge those he can't compare to (or those who "take his place" among family members and friends), among others.

Lovino was born to an impressive Italian family, but was more or less completely distanced from them for varying reasons. Listed among them was his status. As the eldest son of a mafia crime boss, his life was valuable. Which also meant that, ultimately, he was at high risk of attack. To deal with that risk, his father moved him away from the mafia's influential business area, out of the range of prying eyes, snipers' rifles, and family ties.

They needed to preserve the family's status somehow, and the first step was to keep the heir protected. Because really, if someone doesn't want the mafia around, they're going to find a way to cripple it. Steps had to be taken to limit weak points.

That distance worked in keeping him safe, but also contributed to his many fears and complexes, listed in-detail further down. Unable to really interact with children his own age or be allowed out in public for (at the time) unexplained reasons -- "It just has to be that way," they'd say when he asked why -- he was mostly left to grow up with just his bodyguards for company, hidden away in an obscure part of some big city or another.

As a result, Lovino felt that he was unwanted and no good, having no reason to understand why Papa didn't want him around or why he couldn't do what the other kids were doing. When he was about twelve or thirteen, though, he met his younger brother for the first time. After a difficult, if not slightly taxing meeting, Lovino started to put up with his little brother through phone calls, visits, things like that. It was during this time, once he was older, that he started to develop a second phobia that fed off his first: fear of being the throw-away child. He was the oldest, the strongest, and the smarter one. So how come Feliciano got to live with Papa?

When he actually came of age and could be independant, he was allowed insight into the family "business" and taught all he'd need to know as the next-in-line. This led to him seeing things in a more slated view, the usual loss of childish innocence piled on by the dark realities of life in a mafia. During this "training," it was explained to him that Feliciano was playing decoy for him. Because the two, by sheer chance, looked so similar, Feliciano made a very supple body double, drawing any attention to him while Lovino was allowed to grow up safely.

Either way, the line could continue, regardless. If Lovino died, Feliciano surely would have been able to absorb information from his father and bodyguards, considering his proximity to them. If Feliciano was killed, things could continue as planned.

He still does his part for the family as best he can, having run-ins with those for, against, and with different Divisions. However, he has not picked a side and likely will not, preferring to stand his own ground and keep his tough reputation (which is really nonexistant) from being ruined. Unlike his brother, Lovino has little to no concern for property, people, or otherwise, and will use his power whenever he feels fit to, especially if a friend or family member is in some sort of trouble.

Roleplay sample:
He had gotten the news too little and too late. And he was not happy to hear it.

"What?! Where the fuck is he?!" The man said he was 'unaccounted for.' Lovino knew how that should be translated: Feliciano was missing, and chances were high that it wasn't because of an overdue tea party.

"No, I want him found! I want men out there lookin' for him, and I want a ticket on the next plane out to wherever as soon as there's word, capiche?!" They questioned him, tried to talk sense into him, argued that anyone would be a better choice to send -- in order of value, of course, nothing more -- but he silenced them all with an angry fist to the wall.

It hurt like hell, but he wouldn't say that right yet. Those particular wails would be shed later on. He did grit his teeth and hiss, though. This was Feliciano's fault, goddammit. He'd pay for this as soon as he was brought home safe.

Lovino'd strangle him. Yeah, then he'd learn.

"What're you standing around for, dumbass? I want information, and I want it now!" He was met with confused stares for a few increasingly annoying moments before the men gathered filtered out of the room. "Chigigi... I ain't speakin' German over here. They just don't listen.


It took several days before they found out what happened to Feliciano, and as promised, Lovino was on the next flight to Hong Kong after him, complaining and raging all the while.

He will never admit that he went lookin' 'cause he was worried or something along those lines. He will, however, angrily state that Feliciano is stupid for even thinking that he cared that much and that he's just in Hong Kong solely on business, so there.

He's such a stupid person, innee?
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Lovino Vargas /ACPTD/
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