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 Francis Bonnefoy [WIP]

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Francis Bonnefoy
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Francis Bonnefoy

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Francis Bonnefoy   [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Francis Bonnefoy [WIP]   Francis Bonnefoy   [WIP] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 2:22 pm

Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 26

Birthplace: France

Power: Pusher

Height: 183cm

Weight: 142lbs

Division: [He is part of the devision, but I have yet to decide how involved he is]

Appearance: Francis generally likes to dress quite flashy, he likes all attention to be on himself, but he likes to keep it subtle. His slight obsession with roses has influenced his dress sense slightly. His shoulder length blonde hair is either left flowing free or tied up in a loose ponytail, and he likes to keep a small amount of stuble on the end of his chin, claiming it makes him seem more like a 'big brother' character.

Personality: Francis is a very self confident individual. He likes to think of himself as one of the best lovers that the world has ever produced, often seen with a different person on his arm at each encounter, and his power means that he is always able to 'seduce' a partner for the night. He likes to flirt with everyone and anyone, friend or otherwise, but he shys away from the idea of having anything long term. He can be rather obnoxious and doesn't like taking no for an answer, and he's not afraid to use his powers for his own personal gain. But in spite of this, when someone manages to worm their way into his life and stay there, he becomes fiercely loyal and protective. He also considers himself a whizz in the kitchen.


RP Sample:

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Francis Bonnefoy [WIP]
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