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 Alfred Jones /ACPTD/

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Alfred Jones
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Alfred Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred Jones /ACPTD/   Alfred Jones /ACPTD/ I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 21, 2009 7:56 am


Name: Alfred Jones

Age: 17

Birthplace: America

Power: Watcher

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Weight: 144 lbs

Division: Alfred is not in the Division. He has no idea that the Division exists nor does he accept his own powers fully, which makes him very vulnerable to possible manipulation.

Appearance: Alfred's clothing style is as wide as his smiles. Although he typically wears the casual jeans and print shirt, he can occasionally be found in stranger attire, such as cowboy gear or perhaps a simple substitute of a button up shirt in exchange for a plain shirt. And, being from America, he is rarely ever seen without a flashy mp3 player, feeding music through his DJ muff headphones.

Personality: A bright young male with a quirky personality. Always seeming happy, Alfred can bring a light to any situation, no matter how glum it is. He can be fairly serious whenever he wants to be, but for the most part he adores to be the "childish" one. Alfred isn't one to hold grudges, but if you provoke something near and dear to him, the American male will not hesitate to get back.

History: After winning a competition trip for one of the positions to an exchange program from two neighbooring highschools, Alfred embarks to Hong Kong to begin his trip abroad. Meeting the other student who won the competition, Mathew Williams, Alfred and the other joined up and became roomates for their new home in a suburb apartment in Hong Kong. Alfred adjusts easily to his new living arrangements in Hong Kong, with his new roommate, Mathew. Although being completely oblivious to this "Division" as well as shrugging off his own powers merely as "empty thoughts", Alfred eventually stumbles into the middle of things. Alfred doesn't seem to care too much about all the others too much, due to his lack of a bond with them, he feels that the only person he can trust for the time being is Mathew, point being he is his roommate.

RP Sample: Alfred, fidgeting in his seat in the airplane, watched as the tiny land masses below slowly grew. The Chinese flight attendent began speaking, their fluent language of Chinese, then, in English. Alfred didn't even need to pay attention to know that the lady speaking over the intercom was informing them of their landing, which was obviously coming close. It sort of re-energized Alfred's energy, stirring it from the jet lag he was dying from.

After a few more moments, and a few close calls in security and international checking stations at the airport, Alfred bursted past the entry doors, out on the side walk with nothing but a duffle bag hung aroud him by a gray worn shoulder strap. Enduring twelve minutes of attempting to catch a taxi driver's attention, he finally got one of the cabs to stop for him. "Finally!" He huffed out as he re-situated the shoulder strap before climbing into the foreign car.

The thought then dawned upon him. He didn't know the directions to his new loft. Sifting through his bag for some sort of clue to the whereabouts to his new living arrangements were and finding none, he looked foward, past the irritable driver. His eyes settled on the figure of a younge blonde. Then it hit him. Quickly going back to his bag, he found the paperwork where, attached by a silver paperclip, was a photo of his roommate, who had also earned this trip.

Comparing the faces carefully, Alfred's expression brightened. That person getting into the car in front of them was his roommate, none other than Mathew Williams. Throwing his arm foward, extending his pointer finger to make a connection to Mathew's body outside the car, Alfred looked to the driver with a smirk. "Follow that car!" He shouted in his excitement, only falling back into his seat when the annoyed driver pulled out and began to follow along the other car. Alfred, as he awaited their arrival, was only getting more and more anxious to meet his new roommate and see the rest of the foreign land he was going to be living in for the next while.
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Alfred Jones /ACPTD/
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