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 Arthur Kirkland /ACCPTD/

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Arthur Kirkland
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Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland /ACCPTD/   Arthur Kirkland /ACCPTD/ I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2009 7:32 pm


NAME| Arthur Kirkland

AGE| 21


POWER| Mover

HEIGHT| Five foot seven inches.

WEIGHT| 130 lbs

DIVISION| Arthur has heard of them, but considers them a legend, something his mother used to keep him disciplined.

APPEARANCE| The first thing I must point out is his eyebrows. You knew this was coming; Arthur has very prominent eyebrows. Though he tries to cover this with the bangs of his messy dirty blond hair, it is still rather noticeable. He has bright green eyes and a pale skin tone due to the rainy climate of England. Being a businessman, he is often dressed in suits and ties (which are always properly done, properly ironed, proper is a keyword here). In casual dress, he can be seen in dress shirts and slacks, rarely in jeans and plain shirts. Sometimes he wears a sweater vest over his shirts, and he keeps everything tidy, down to the collar. Very rarely will he be seen in bright colors, he prefers either mellow or dark tones.

The above rules do not apply when he is drunk. Then you can never be sure what he'll try on; it could range from a pirate outfit to an angel's dress.

Oh hey would you look who it is.

PERSONALITY| Arthur is a serious and deep-thinking fellow, but lets loose when drunk (perhaps a little too loose). Otherwise, though he appears to be a gentleman, he can be rather sarcastic and stubborn if irritated or when he has to defend himself. He is easily offended when it comes to his cooking skills. He may appear to be a bit cynical, but he can be quite kind and affectionate, and often tries to cover up his true feelings with sarcastic remarks and/or insults. Arthur takes his job seriously, and tries not to let his powers affect his current life. He isn't really too close to anyone, being too serious at work and rarely being at home ever since he began being sent overseas.

HISTORY| Arthur grew up in London, England, and has lived there for nearly all his life with his mother, his father dying shortly after his birth in a car accident. His mother was a shifter. She taught him that his powers as a Mover was his ability to "summon" items from far away and that when he used it against people it was like "cursing" them. Often times she would entertain him with her own powers, creating illusions for him. It was through this she trained her son to use his powers, while not directly telling him about the Division, for whom she was against.

However, despite his mother's good intentions, he became a bit of a troublemaker as a young teenager. He was almost arrested once when using his powers as a Mover in a fight with another boy his age, and his mother was furious upon hearing the news. She insisted that he had to stop getting into so much trouble, because it would expose him to an organization called the Division. Like how a child is told stories of monsters, his mother talked him out of being a troublesome boy with stories of the Division, and that if he kept on getting in trouble, the Division might find them.

From that point on, he was constantly reminded by his mother to stay away from the Division. He went through the rest of his adolescence living a calm life, save for his powers which he rarely used other than practice his skills. Like how a child stops believing in monsters, without any appearance from the Division, he eventually stopped believing their existence. He became a businessman, and is beginning to be sent overseas, which is why he is in Hong Kong. His mother is still in London, living a normal life. Despite no longer believing the Division's existence, he sees no reason to use his powers, therefore keeps them as a secret to avoid unnecessary conflict.

RP SAMPLE| The London skies were gloomy as usual, a light sprinkle of rain falling against the car window. Arthur Kirkland allowed himself a glance at his wristwatch to check the time as he turned on the windshield wipers. Eleven, in the morning, and his view of the streets were cleared as the wiper blades brushed aside the tiny raindrops. His flight was to leave at twelve, and he was just pulling into the parking lot of the airport now. So far, he was having no problems making it to his flight on time. He found a parking spot that was shielded from the rain by a concrete wall, and pulled in with ease. Checking to make sure all the documents he needed were in his briefcase as well as his laptop, he stepped out of the car, locking the door behind him as he closed it shut. He checked his suit's pocket for his ticket with the casual brush of the hand. His thick eyebrows shot up slightly when his fingers felt only the soft fabric of inside his suit. Where was his ticket?

Glancing back into the car, Arthur saw the blue and white envelope that contained his plane ticket on the dashboard of his car, his keys also next to it. He had forgotten them while looking through his briefcase. With a sigh, he glanced back down at his watch, his brows furrowing at what he saw. 11:15, his flight would be taking off in forty-five minutes. It would take a while to call someone in to get his car door opened.

The British man's green eyes narrowed at the keys in contempt, muttering a stream of British curse words under his breath. He hated to be late to meetings; he was normally the one who was early. If he couldn't get the door open, he'd miss his flight.

"Bloody hell...I don't have a choice," He murmured to himself in an irate tone as he glanced around, making sure no one was nearby. When he believed that no one was nearby watching, he leaned close to the window of his car, his gaze concentrated on the lock, his right hand up level to his face. With the twitch of his hand, the lock switched, and Arthur smirked as he opened the car door and grabbed his keys and the plane ticket, glancing down at his watch again.

11:20, he'd be able to make it to his meeting. As long as no one saw exactly what he did, he would be just fine.

OTHER| He doesn't really know about any other powers or anything about the Division, so technically he hasn't chosen a side yet. He probably won't use his power unless pushed to. [Push, like the movie. That was a failure pun, haha.] Oh, a fun fact; his mother, a Shifter, used to make pretty illusions for him as a child, so he believes in magic and magical creatures. [I had to put it in there somehow. I had to.] He's probably easily manipulated by a Shifter because of it.

I forgot this the first time. Contact information.

My email : sageshiver@yahoo.com
My AIM : magic scones [I changed it, haha]
YIM : Same as my email
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Arthur Kirkland /ACCPTD/
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