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 Cheng Siu Lung /ACCPTD/

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Cheng Siu Lung
☆ 台灣
Cheng Siu Lung

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PostSubject: Cheng Siu Lung /ACCPTD/   Cheng Siu Lung /ACCPTD/ I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 5:07 pm


Name: Cheng Siu Lung

Age: 18

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Power: Mover


Weight: 133

Division: Member of.

Appearance: Siu Lung has short dark brown hair parted to the left, and prominent eyebrows. Light brown eyes accompany his usually expressionless face. Neither tall nor short, Siu Lung stands at an average height and has a slender frame. His clothing ranges from casual shirts and jeans to luxurious Chinese silks.

Personality: Quiet and introverted, it is near impossible to tell what Siu Lung is thinking. Calm and cool-headed, he thinks things through carefully before making a decision, planning every step of the way. Also an opportunist, he is constantly advertising his wares, trying to make a little extra money on the side. Also quite stubborn at times, it’s difficult to make him change his mind. Siu Lung is extremely practical and realistic leading to others believing him to be a bit cynical and cold. All of his calmness goes out the window when in the presence of fireworks; he is a terrible pyromaniac and will stop at nothing to set things on fire.

History: Born and raised in Hong Kong, Siu Lung entered the Division at a very young age. Both of his deceased parents had been members, and after he discovered his powers while selling merchandise on the busy streets in the city, he inherited their membership. While in the Division, Siu Lung developed his ability to an incredible level, due to his love of manipulating fire.
Siu Lung’s life in the Division was not particularly eventful. Not knowing any better, he faithfully carried out the tasks assigned to him without question. Despite this, he doesn’t really support what the Division is doing, but continues to follow them, knowing that this is the only place where can fit in. Siu Lung works as a torturer and interrogator for the Division because of his pyromania; he threatens his victims with burning.

RP Sample: The crowded throng of people moved at a snail’s pace; a common scene in densely populated Hong Kong. Cheng Siu Lung hastily made his way through the crowd, trying to get to the Division without crashing into anyone. Something about the people today unsettled him, something was wrong. A strange aura hung about the atmosphere, similar to the feeling that Siu Lung got when using his power. Carefully scrutinizing the area, he tried to figure out what was going on.

Suddenly, he realized what it was. There were others here, others like him, and quite a few based on what he was feeling. As a Mover, he could sense the very molecules of the air vibrating. But why? There had never been such a gathering of the special people before, didn’t they know it was dangerous to be close to one another?

The Division head will know, Siu Lung thought as he hurried to the headquarters. After arriving, he reported to one of the senior members.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why are there so many of them here?”
The only reply he got was a cryptic “You’ll see.”
Oh well. Seems that business will be booming soon.

Other: As mentioned before, he’s a pyromaniac, and he is extremely proficient at using his power to manipulate flames. He enjoys startling people with firecrackers. He talks with a gyaru-o dialect, and is proficient at speaking Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and English. And to clarify, Siu Lung is his first name, Cheng is his last.
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Cheng Siu Lung /ACCPTD/
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