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 Lili Zwingli /ACCPTD/

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Lili Zwingli
Fürstentum Liechtenstein ☆
Lili Zwingli

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Name: Lili Zwingli
Age: 16
Birthplace: Liechtenstein
Power: Stitches
Height: 153cm
Weight: 48 kg
Division: For now, not part of the Division, but she follows Vash.
Lili is a short, slender, Caucasian girl, with short pale blonde hair and soft blue eyes. Lili is somewhat underdeveloped for her age. She can become quite self-conscious about her lack of a chest. If she is not wearing feminine clothing, she can be mistaken for a boy.

Lili likes sweet lolita style clothes but only wears those dresses occasionally. She can usually be seen wearing dresses with a knee length, bell shaped skirt, which are in shade varying from red to pink. She wears Mary Janes made with sensible soles, knee length white socks and blue ribbons in her hair.

Lili is quiet, speaking only when she needs to. Although she is innocent, she isn't naive and knows more than she lets on. She's very softly spoken although bluntness has a tendency to colour her speech. She is also modest, humble and truthful at all times.

She doesn't understand innuendo or hints at all. Lili is really bad at reading body language. When she becomes paranoid, she will take action to try to ease her sense of paranoia.

Lili is usually overshadowed by her brother Vash, but she doesn't mind it. Although it may not seem like it, she does have a mind of her own. Lili is quite intelligent. She is freakishly good with technology and playing the stock market.

When Lili was 2, her parents died in an 'accident', which lead to her adoption by the Zwingli's. She was never told that she was adopted and thinks that they are her blood family.

One day when she was five, her mother accidentally cut her finger with the kitchen knife. To her mother's amazement, the cut just healed itself, not even leaving a scar. Well, it did explain why Lili never came into the house scraped and bruised. They realized that Lili, just like Vash had powers, only it was of a different kind.

Over the years, Lili has had plenty of opportunities to practise and refine her abilities. Their parents tried to provide the both of them as normal a life as possible. To a degree, their parents succeeded. Her parents have recently disappeared in an 'accident', just like her birth parents. She currently resides in Zurich, alone with Vash.

RP Sample:
They were watching.

They were still watching. It had been 2 weeks, since Vash told her there were spies outside. She shivered.

Lili quickly walked over to the hallway, hiding out of their sight. They were becoming less inconspicuous, these watchers. What were they planning? She had five minutes to think in the hallway... if she stayed for too long, it would be suspicious. Where they watching? Probably.

She didn't feel safe in Zurich anymore. Where could they go? Definitely out of the continent, so that eliminated anywhere in Europe. Hong Kong maybe? That was nice and crowded. Hopefully Brother would choose a place that didn't have French as it's main language.

It was a good thing that she had already packed. She was no watcher, but sometimes paranoia had its uses. Lili stepped out of the hallway and into the living room. Her brother was sitting on the couch, looking as though he was deep in thought. She sat next to him and tapped his shoulder gently to get his attention.

"Brother, i believe it's time to go," said Lili quietly, "If we don't... They may trap us here."

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Lili Zwingli /ACCPTD/
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