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 Ludwig Schneider /ACCPTD/

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Ludwig Schneider
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Ludwig Schneider

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PostSubject: Ludwig Schneider /ACCPTD/   Ludwig Schneider /ACCPTD/ I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 10:48 am


Name: Ludwig Schneider

Age: 20

Birthplace: Germany

Power: Sniff

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Division: Yep. Sorry! He was raised by the Division.

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, think the poster boy for Hitler's Aryan master race. He keeps fit, so he has a respectable amount of muscle and very little body fat. He usually wears his hair slicked back, and his default facial expression is a combination of deadly seriousness and "just the facts, ma'am." Working for the Division, he usually wears a suit and tie, but when working undercover, he'll wear what he needs to in order to get the job done. The only time he's seen wearing glasses is for reading.

Personality: Ludwig is a serious young man who prizes efficiency and cleanliness. His desk at the German Division office is immaculate, and very few people can find fault with his results. When he wants answers, he gets them. When he's given an assignment, he finishes it quickly, cleanly, and discreetly. He is decisive, confident, and won't stop until he's done. If there's someone that's been evading capture, "Der Bluthund" can find him. Ludwig himself thinks the nickname is inane, but it's an accurate assessment of his abilities and mindset.

History: Ludwig himself doesn't remember his early childhood, but he does know that the Division has been mother, father, and siblings to him since he was eight. He was raised by the Division, and his powers were given a chance to manifest and grow to the point where he is a Sniff to be reckoned with. After twelve years with the Division, he's an agent that some people in the Division are aware of, and he's been sent out on tough assignments, typically with excellent results.

RP Sample:

It was an ordinary day in the office.

Ludwig liked what he was doing. Reading reports, filing them, making sure they were sent up the chain of command, down the chain of command to agents, to fellows in the office. It was away from the action, but he didn't mind. He was a soldier, and he went where he was needed.


Ludwig looked up from his perusal of one file -- a man a few years older than he, with startling eyes -- to look up at Herr Donovan.

"Yes, sir?" he asked.

"You've just received a new assignment." A file, a thick one, landed on Ludwig's desk. It was a miracle the contents hadn't slipped out.

Ludwig picked up the file before looking back up at Donovan. "Where am I going?"

"Hong Kong," Donovan replied. "There are some rats there that need flushing out."

Ludwig nodded crisply. "Jawohl." He started to open the file before Donovan cleared his throat, prompting the younger man to look back up at him again.

"You're not getting a partner this time."

Ludwig frowned. "Why not?"

"We're stretched thin as it is, and someone with you will just draw more attention," Donovan replied. "Besides, your cover is that you're an antiques dealer, looking for buyers."

Ludwig's frown deepened. "Isn't that cover getting a bit old? Pretty soon, actual antique dealers will recognize me."

"It's a risk." Donovan shrugged. "Read up on the flight there. Your plane leaves in an hour."

Ludwig watched as Donovan wandered away, and checked a sigh.

He could feel a headache coming on. He just knew it. So much for an ordinary day.


Contact Information for the Player:
AIM: AShatterstar182
MSN: bianki@hotmail.com
Y!M: darktrent182
GMail: leaper182@gmail.com

I'm typically not on, but if you want to RP with me, drop me a line at bianki@hotmail.com.
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Ludwig Schneider /ACCPTD/
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