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 Peter Kirkland /ACPTD/

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Peter Kirkland
Principality of Sealand ☆
Peter Kirkland

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Name: Peter Kirkland

Age: 11

Birthplace: Somewhere in England

Power: Pusher

Height: 130 cm (4'2)

Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)

Division: Not in one. He doesn't know about Divisions at all, or about the powers.

Peter Kirkland /ACPTD/ Sealand
Peter is often seen in his sailor suit. He loves his hat very much. Other clothes includes casual T-Shirts and jeans. He seldom, almost never, wear any type of formal clothes other than his school uniform. His school uniform includes a white long sleeved dress shirt, long black pants, a green pull-over vest, and a red tie.

Personality: Peter is a hyper and happy boy. He loves to play with toys and gets easily distracted. Because of his isolated childhood, Peter would jump at any chance given to make new friends. However his naive and gullible personality were often exploited. This made his mother to forbid him to talk to 'suspicious- looking' strangers unless he really has to. He also loves eating candy, since his mother keeps on telling him that a growing boy needs a lot of food so that they can become big and strong. Peter likes to try and prove it to others that it is grown enough to take care of himself. Despite claiming to dislike his brother and often times calling him a jerk, Peter deeply cares about Arthur and looks up to him. Family is family, and families love each other. Mother said so.

8 years ago - 3 years old
At the age of three, young Peter was adopted by Mrs. Kirkland from a local orphanage. From that day on, he lived with her and his new brother, Arthur. They were fatherless since Arthur's father had died in a car accident years before.

6 years ago - 5 years old
Having grown up to be quite a mischievous and curious toddler, his adoptive mother, a shifter, would often create illusions of fairies and other magical creatures to keep him occupied. Peter was fascinated by them.

4 years ago - 7 years old
Peter attended to local elementary school. He was the runt of the group but still fit in perfectly fine until one day when he told his classmates about the fairies in his house. His classmates ridiculed him and claim him to be insane or crazy. After that incident, Peter stopped believing in fairies altogether. Whenever his mother made the illusions again, he would ignore them or sometimes mutter 'They're not real' lowly to himself. School continued as usual but his classmates keeps on teasing him and calling him names, leaving him friendless.

2 years ago - 9 years old
Having no fairies nor friends to keep him company, Peter found other hobbies. He often go out to explore in the city. There he picked up a habit of stealing small things and pickpocketing. His mother was furious and grounded him. Peter was forced to stay home and do a lot of housework. After the first few tantrum-filled weeks, he and mother bonded closer. She taught him many things 'a good boy should always remember' which he ends up quoting later on.

1 year ago - 10 years old
The first sign of his powers occurred at school. He and his classmate were fighting over some crayons. Peter furiously aimed his thought 'Just give it to me!' at his friend. To his surprise, the friend gave up and handed the crayon over. Peter dismissed it as luck and paid no attention to it until the same situation happened again and again. He thinks that an invisible fairy had come to him and is granting him wishes. And so, Peter begins to believe in fairies again.

Now - 11 years old
Peter convinces his mother that he wanted to go see his brother, who is currently in Hong Kong, and take the chance to see the outside world. His powers also developed and he now knows what he (and the fairy) can or can not do. However, Peter does not realize that he can implant memories yet. Mother does not know about his powers.

RP Sample: (A sample of your RP skills. At least more the 5 sentences, but no more then 8 paragraphs.
My skill is non-existent.... I'll add it later.

Other: The name of the fairy that Peter believes to be granting him wishes is Lorrella Odile. He calls her Laura for short.

Peter does not use his ability too often, fearing that the fairy might feel overused and leave him. He thinks the fairy can communicate telepathically but is a mute. He does not talk or claim to believe in fairies in public, most likely due to the fear that he might be teased again. However, when alone, he talks openly to the fairy.

Sometimes Peter accidentally push without realizing it.

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Peter Kirkland /ACPTD/
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