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 Elizaveta Héderváry /ACCPTD/

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Elizabeta Héderváry
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Elizabeta Héderváry

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PostSubject: Elizaveta Héderváry /ACCPTD/   Elizaveta Héderváry /ACCPTD/ I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 2:06 am


Elizaveta "Liz" Héderváry





Five feet two inches

One hundred thirty six pounds

Hates the Division's very existence and runs from it.

She appears very young for her age and still has a "baby face" which helps persuade people to help her, as well as hide her in a lively crowd. Her fallow colored hair falls long enough to reach few inches past her shoulder blades, though to conceal her identity she experiments with different colors to throw off the Division. Her forrest green eyes shine bright against her pale complexion- eyes that have seen far too much much sadness and death.
Apparel wise, she's into dark colors- anything that blends her with a crowd to be unnoticed. She also enjoys ties,belts, and knee cut boots.


Elizaveta prefers to keep to herself. Ever since a certain Valentine's Day, she's grown a very strong hatred towards the Division. Her inner soul, though, is really free-spirited- she would do anything to be normal and to not be the genetic defect she thinks she is. Because of what she is, and now with the Division on her tail, she resorted to living a nomadic lifestyle, moving constantly to keep herself from being caught.

June 8th, The Héderváry family welcomed a baby into their traveling family. She would be the last to carry on the legacy for now. The family, being against the Division, hid underground in secrecy in Budapest. This is where they would spend a great portion of time hiding- at least until their scent had been picked up years later, causing her family relocate to a sanctuary near Lake Balaton.

November 30th
, The Héderváry's and Elizaveta were taken in by a small community in Veszprém where she was home-schooled and later on became a disciple of an ex-Division member and a Shadow themself. He would teach her how to use the genetic power to the fullest extent of her being.

February 14th, Valentine's Day and merely 13, Liz's heart broke to pieces when the Division discovered her families location. Her father fell to his demise trying to protect her mother and her. After escaping from the burning sanctum, her mother died of blood loss near Danube River. Elizaveta was left to fend off the world alone.

March 23, 5 years later, Ms. Héderváry has continued to live in clandestine. She has left Hungary's over populated cities and traveled to the more rural areas. Changing her appearance with hair color and contacts, she managed to stay out of eyesight of the Division. She attempted to live a "normal" life, changing her name to Maggie.

October 5th, 5 months after her 21st birthday, she has returned to Budapest, ready to start her roots again. She took refuge in an old family friend's adytum, where she has remained, cloaking herself with her shadow until she feels it's time to forsake this holy shrine.

RP Sample:

Liz awoke screaming from a heavy sleep, grasping the sweat drenched sheets as tears poured down red flustered cheeks. After years of pain and suffering, she would still wake night after night from the same dream. It would feel so real...as if it were that dreaded Valentine's night all over again. Her father's scream, her mother's last breath, and blood on the poor girl's innocent hands. A child that age should never have to see those terrible things happen before their own eyes.

Releasing the now crinkled cotton sheet, she wiped the salty rivers of tears away. The Hungarian girl would give anything to be able to live a so called 'normal' life and to not have to live life on the run, contantly being paranoid about her surroundings. But that could never happen. She knows the day will come eventaully when she'd be caught off guard, ending all she strived to do to stay alive in an instant. Though Elizaveta would rather take her life before she became their lab rat. She lay back in the cold bed, praying she would have more time before a disaster like that would happen.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her dark green eyes, hoping she'd be graced with a dreamless sleep before the morning woke her with it's burning light. "Someday," she thought to herself, "I will find peace. And I will never stop searching until I find it."

Other: Getting her to trust you is probably the hardest task a person can try to accomplish.
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Elizaveta Héderváry /ACCPTD/
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