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 List of Characters and Their Powers

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List of Characters and Their Powers Empty
PostSubject: List of Characters and Their Powers   List of Characters and Their Powers I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 10:55 am

This is the list of all the taken characters and their powers, beautifully sorted out and color coded.

Bleeder Feliciano Vargas
Bleeder Lovino Vargas

Mover Arthur Kirkland
Mover Cheng Siu Lung
Mover Gilbert Beilschmidt
Mover Rachata Koykul

Pusher Francis Bonnefoy
Pusher Ivan Braginski
Pusher Kiku Honda
Pusher Marine Sesel
Pusher Peter Kirkland

Reader Berwald Oxenstierna
Reader Matthew Williams

Shadow Eyvindur Ingólfurson
Shadow Elizaveta Héderváry

Shifter Feliks Łukasiewicz
Sniff Ludwig Schneider
Stitches Lars Obstfelder
Stitches Lili Zwingli
Stitches Wang Yao

Watcher Alfred Jones
Watcher Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Wiper Mathias Køhler
Wiper Röderich Edelstein

Power Stats
Bleeders: 2
Movers: 4
Pushers: 5
Readers: 2
Shadows: 2
Shifters: 1
Sniffs: 1
Stitches: 3
Watchers: 2
Wipers: 2

((Big thanks to Peter for doing this! Great job <3)
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List of Characters and Their Powers
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