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 Naja Uaasi [complete]

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Naja Uaasi

Naja Uaasi

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PostSubject: Naja Uaasi [complete]   Naja Uaasi [complete] I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 8:12 pm

Name: Naja Uaasi
Age: 19
Birthplace: Nuuk, Greenland
Power: Shifter
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Division: Naja is neither for nor against the divisions; she has been known to play both sides.

Appearance:(image) Naja is petite, often being mistaken for someone much younger. This is complimented by her preference for dresses and long skirts. Her favorite dress is dark blue wool and long-sleeved, made for colder climates. She often pairs her dresses with a pair of thick, sturdy boots, regardless of the weather as well as gloves of some kind.

Personality: Naja is, in a word, quiet. She rarely talks, and when she does it’s not for very long. Whether this is from disinterest or some last vestige of childhood insecurity is up for debate. Most often she is content to watch; and from watching, she learned many things. Like how to convince people to trust you without saying a word, how to always be in control and how to never lose. And she took those lessons to heart. That’s not to say she isn’t compassionate or kind. She’s quite the opposite, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. But no matter what, she always protects her own interests first, and others’ second.

The only exceptions are people she is attached to. She becomes very strongly attached to her friends, and will do almost anything for them, even if it means endangering herself. Of course, she has so few friends this rarely comes into play.

History: Naja was born on June 21 in Nuuk to a pair of wealthy philanthropists. She was homeschooled in their large home most of her early life. She had little contact with children her age, or even her parents, who travelled frequently in order to raise money for various charities. Naja was insecure and antisocial as a child, often refusing to play with the few children she knew. But all in all, she was content - maybe not happy, but she certainly didn’t lack in attention or care from her nanny and tutors. Over time she grew to accept her parents’ absences as a necessity, once she began to understand what they were for.

When she was six, she learned that she could change the appearance of things. She used this talent frequently, often to hide from the household staff or her ‘playmates’. By age nine, she could keep it up for hours.

At age ten, Naja lost her mother. She had been working in South America with a group attempting to bring electricity and clean water to rural villages. They were kidnapped by a group of guerilla fighters, who later killed them. Naja’s father was devastated, and threw himself into his work with an even greater passion, ignoring all else. Naja herself became even more withdrawn, often not speaking to anyone for days. When she was sixteen, she was moved to a private boarding school, where she was almost immediately referred to a psychiatrist. He could find little wrong with her, though, other than her introverted personality. Later that year, Naja learned about the divisions, and the others like her.

Two years later, she graduated and immediately left Greenland. She traveled around Europe, determined to find the divisions and learn all she could about them. She has heard about division agents in Hong Kong, and came to the city to see what she could find.

RP Sample:
Paris in August was muggy and disgusting. Naja disliked it almost immediately upon arriving. No wonder all the Parisians vacation out in the countryside this time of year… she mused, hailing a cab and getting inside.
“Bellemonte hostel, please.” She told the cab driver in clumsy French.
“Oui, mademoiselle.” The man smiled at her through the rearview mirror, and she gave a tentative smile back. Despite the weather, the roads were crowded, and they inched along painfully slowly. Though it wasn’t like she had anywhere to be; she was only in the city of lights because she didn’t know where else to look after her lead in Milan had turned out to be a dead end.

Paris had just seemed like a smart move – it was big, so there were bound to be others like her, and where there was her kind, the divisions seemed to follow. Of course, that didn’t much help her, unless she could find other people with powers. Exposing herself was something she disliked doing, as it left her at risk, waiting for the division agents to show up.

I’ll give it a week, I suppose.

The traffic spend up, and soon they were cruising along at a normal pace. Naja watched the buildings and people slide by. Soon the fancy architecture gave way to smaller, plainer buildings. Taxi halted in front of a small building with a faded sign reading ‘Bellemonte Auberge De Jeunesse’. Naja opened the door and slid out, pulling her backpack out with her. The taxi driver waved goodbye, and she walked up the steps to the hostel.
“M'excuser, j'aimerais une pièce.” Naja asked the woman at the front desk for a room. The middle-aged woman handed her a key, and gestured up the stairs. Naja took it and followed the stairs into a small hallway. She read the room numbers posted next to the doors until she found room 8.

Unlocking the door, she pushed it open and stepped inside. It was small and cramped, but clean.
Home sweet home.

Other: Naja is fluent in Greenlandic, Danish, and English, as well as semi-fluent in French.
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Naja Uaasi [complete]
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