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 darn you british system darn you

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Rachata Koykul
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Rachata Koykul

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darn you british system darn you Empty
PostSubject: darn you british system darn you   darn you british system darn you I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 8:39 pm

It's not like im that much active but chyeaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Incase anyone would volunteer to threaten the british education system to stop making kids around the world do IGCSEs i'd really love you for it.

Mock exams are coming up ;u; even though its a mock,we can use it to pass into colleges so this is rather VERY important you see ahem ahem.

So, anyways, this is a 2 years course so ofcourse i wouldnt be gone for 2 years (that would've been pointless....joining an rp group then going away??? pffffff)
Just gone for when the extra huge ass coursework bomb strikes.

Which then leaves the question of 'when the hell's that?'
The answer is, i dont know. so i'd be popping in and out as the year goes. ;u;

amen, but you know im always on facebook and on skype , just ask around. ;w;

ttul <3232
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darn you british system darn you
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