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 The Candy Man [Rachata & Peter]

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Rachata Koykul
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Rachata Koykul

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PostSubject: The Candy Man [Rachata & Peter]   The Candy Man [Rachata & Peter] I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 8:10 am

[...51 mins after ally signed off.hahahahaha //shot]

‘The City of Light’ was indeed, a compatible name for the
city of Hong Kong.

Rachata has been absorbed into the limelight of the evenings since the day he’d
arrived. The hot clamored heat that has been even more intolerable than in Thailand
strangely didn’t move him at the slightest as he stood gazing out of the
balcony, waiting for the sun to finally set.

Hues of orange and red spread wide along the city and its bay. Draping in
thickets of light over his skin as a tingly feeling swept through him.

Rachata breathes, and count.

At exactly 10 seconds later, 6 pm straight. The sun has finally evaporated into
the darkness as the whole body of the city was consumed in complete, subdued

The noisy chatter of the city slowly dissipitate into the
drunken blackhole, subsiding into silence as the air immensely thickens from the
ever seeming perpetual silence, waiting for the right moment.

The Thai squinted as he was parched against the railings now,
whilst adjust his specs. There, in the far left corner of the town, a small
flicker of light sparked in the distance.

With almost an immediate sign, the city returned to life in a millisecond later.

Rachata sighed as he removed from his aching position upon
the balcony and went inside as the city resurrected back to life again.

The air was noticeably colder inside the state government’s house building. The
chattering air-con which appears like it’s crying for help. Preferably dismantled right now than carry on with it’s
job and eventually explode into guts and pieces of dark charcoaled steel was just barely keeping itself up.

Rachata contemplated on helping the accustomed object free from it’s misery,
but quickly noted that it was the state’s not his and vaguely nods to the
unanimated object as an apology while he briskly rushed off to work, feeling a
slight tang of guilt for it. (but of course, he was never an impervious person,
he would always help anything, in need of help or not…)

The streets of Hong Kong was buzzing with life. Rachata
oozes with every little discrimitizing details of it as he maneuver his way to
his working place (a large, rather spacious building with a celestial body). Vibrant colored light of Pink, Blue and
Yellow flashes along the street as well as screams and shouts of recognition
insults and sales. Fascinated by the soft rhythmic drumming inside his ears
that seems to be heard by only him, the tanned foreign man padded his way
across the tattered road full of humans. The cemented rocks on the ground was
thudded and wet from the abrupt rain pour earlier today. But still
littered as he weave his way through the suffocating crowd.

Rachata inspects everything with introverted eyes. Sizing up his surroundings
whilst taking a few quick glances at the map he was given to get through to the
Apparently, his new mission involved travelling around a lot in order to


The Thai was swayed off his feet as his hand clamored for
the object that had attacked him on his side. In the tangled streets of Hong Kong,
it was hard not to bump into someone, let alone push themselves full force and
knocking a full grown man over completely.

Good thing he’s not that old, nor fell completely onto his
side then.

Rachata blinked down at the small foreign boy between his
palm, he didn’t quite get a good full grasp of him as his glasses was swinging
dangerously off the side of his face with only one hinge supporting it.

The tanned man suddenly felt blurry from
all the noise and lights, taking some acknowledgement of the small thumping and
fist against his body and the mentally-influenced irritating screams the boy
was making at him. He sighed, tightening his grasp on the boy’s arm and his
other hand used to support his specs back to their orig---

The boy bit him.

He bit him viciously with all his teeth and with nasty
attempt to gnaw his arm off.

Rachata yelped and backpeddled as he lets the boy go,
flinching when he’d caught a grasped of the boy’s pastel-blue eyes and sandy
blonde mess.

He pursed his lips as he saw the boy turned back towards him. Giving him a look,
before finally doing the most mature thing he’d ever seen.

Rolled his tongue out and pulled his eyes.

The Thai was utterly perplexed. He frowns as he rubs his
swollen arm and watches as the boy dash off into the ever-lively streets of
Hong Kong.

Leaving him demented there.

Before this indecent encounter,Rachata had found the people of Hong Kong rather….preserved.

From his several days here, he could tell they would have rather gotten along
with their businesses than tries to savagely take off someone’s arm.
He had also noticed the populated town seems to be filled with foreigners. The Thai
had wondered about that.

But judging by how the kid had appeared so panic-stricken and eager to use
violence (almost immediately against him…he was only tried to help the kid back
to standing....but then again, he might have used more time holding the little
boy and the scene might’ve seemed like he was pedo-ing the child instead….)

The boy was definitely not from around here.

Rachata sigh in resignation.
Ah well, the boy might as well be lost…he couldn’t really make himself blame on
the kid.

Waging a hand through his hair and begins to trot over again. The Tanned foreigner blinked
several times as he found that something was missing….

The map that he had cradled with great care inside his palm was gone.
Against the great human-weaved road that seems to be rubbing off against him all
the time, Rachata was sure as he snapped back that the paper would’ve been lost
forever now…

The tanned figure wandered around aimlessly onto the street
as he sulked from the sudden weight, set upon his heart. But even so, encrypted
onto his mind was still questioned of how to retrieve the small piece of

Rachata ponders over this, perhaps it’s with that kid. Could
he have accidentally picked up the card map and ran off?? If only he could find
the kid aga--…

He picked up the same familiar stuck-up noise and couldn’t believe
his luck as his head instinctively swirled in the direction.
The kid he’d met earlier was screeching
about something in the nearby ice-cream store now. Probably trying to pull an
order, with the difficulty of his height, it was hard not to actually yell to
get attention.

The tanned body glided over into the store. Immediately he
was greeted with the luminous wafting smell of chocolates, marshmallow and an
entire army of delights he had never had time to linger his thoughts about back
at home. It was pure mirth.

And the obnoxiously noisy boy seems to agree on that too.

His determined turquoise eyes glistening in anticipation as
he eagerly made his order. 2 full glass of whip cream and that was all the Thai
man caught from the hyperactive conversation (or more of ranting to himself…)
with the equally confused waiter.

He watched as the tiny foreigner finished his order, a full 5 minutes (he’d
timed him…) and jumped down from the metal railing attached to the counter and
along the side of the showcase. He was looking rather gleeful, giggling in
drunken ecstasy and, jumping on his feet as he waits for the waiter to get to
his order. Rachata watched and couldn’t help but smile with his own

But the dreamy delight of the boy didn’t last long, as soon
as the bill was set. The Thai had seen the boy paled immediately, his grin
dropped to the floor.

He frowned and stepped in.

“….How much was that again?”

Fishing out the amount of money needed for the treat, he
paid for the boy’s food instead. He saw aqua orbs gazing at him intensely, as
if expecting a thank you and be gone with it.

But Rachata need that paper…

He was going to work….

…..And work had meant business…

He smiled, rather gently as he pat the boy’s head.

“Now let’s get you seated Ana…”

[i ttly failed a wall here hurrrrrrr im sorry arry bby betch ;u; <3 prz forgive me. OTL]
[ps. i ttly wasnt bullshitting my way through this post :C you can tell i got panicky and rushed through the last part bc you were leaving ;u; <3]
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The Candy Man [Rachata & Peter]
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