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 Marine Sesel /ACTPD/

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Marine Sesel
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Marine Sesel

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PostSubject: Marine Sesel /ACTPD/   Marine Sesel /ACTPD/ I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 2:33 pm


Name: Marine Sesel

Age: 17

Birthplace: Seychelles

Power: Pusher

Height: 5'0'' (will grow to be about 5'1)

Weight: 90 lbs

Division: Not in Division, but is manipulated by them at times.

Appearance: (picture soon) Marine is a cute girl with curly, shoulderblade-length light brown hair that she often wears in low pigtails tied with ribbons. She is short in height but not disproportionate, and her lithe, airy figure makes her look much younger then she is. Her skin is lightly tanned and she has hazel eyes that light up her childishly cute face. Liking fashionable things, she wears trumpet dresses/shirts in blues, tights in bright colors, and black flats for shoes.

Marine is very innocent and naive. With a huge heart, she is always eager to aid people and befriend them, and hates to see people and animals in pain or suffering.. Very empathetic and charismatic, her cuteness and charm makes it easy for her to disarm people and befriend them which Division extorts to it's extent. Due to experiments conducted on her by Division in the past, her childlike naivety can often be extreme. Marine cannot take care of herself very well regarding things like cooking or cleaning, and often goes hungry for days unless she finds some place to eat. She is known to make T.V. dinners ruin microwaves and to burn Jello. She is useless in that manner because of aside from lack of skill, when younger, her guardian would always cook and clean for her, wanting to spoil the smaller Marine. A bright girl, Marine speaks French and English flawlessly and while speaking English frequently, she often lapses into French, her native language. However, while Pushing, she falls into a trancelike state where she speaks in a combination of English, French, Chinese, and other languages. She can be a bit spoiled at times and likes fashionable things, along with her comfort item, her beloved Tuna. Her guardian gave her the stuffed animal before he left her at a young age, and Marine holds tightly to the fish plush as a reminder, and a friend.

Marine is a powerful Pusher, and at a younger age Division conducted experiments on her to attempt to extort her full power capabilities. However, it simply altered her mind to where she would Push compulsively when envisioning or hearing bad things and try to change them, so the Division drugged her to try and subdue her powers instead. Although she hates to see people in pain, or death and excessive violence and gore, Division will try to catch her and use her powers when they can to eliminate other Powers, often ones that become close to her. Marine was captured and tortured by Division at age 11, and was an experiment for two years, but she'd managed to Push by chance and escaped. She's been a nomad ever since, preferring places like France or Japan to wander, but tries to avoid them to not be found by Division so easily, thus traveling to multiple countries. Marine uses her Power to provide for herself, and tries to live simply, but indulges in things such as clothing.
She keeps in connection with a limited amount of other Powers, almost none, and always wants to make friends with them, even while knowing that knowing anyone could put her and the other party in grave danger.

RP Sample:
"Thank you, sir!" A cheery voice called to an open-bazaar's stall-owner. Marine sunk her white teeth into a hot, meat-filled calzone, smiling happily to her self as meat juice trickled unknowingly down her chin. The young girl explored the stalls with a bounce in her step, periwinkle-blue dress fluttering about her lower thighs as she eagerly browsed through all the merchandise the day had to offer. Currently wandering about a bustling Italian marketplace, Marine had had no trouble from Division in months, and all seemed well to the naive girl. Even though the threat of Division was lurking right along the corner, she'd forgotten to be cautious and let curiosity make her careless. Her eyes spotted a small orange kitten, and with an 'Aww!' on her lips, she smiled and followed after it, taing a peice of meat from her sandwich to offer the small animal. She set the meat down on the ground in front of the feline and smiled softly, turning to leave.

Marine bumped into a tall looming male, and she spun around, an apology on her tongue before she got a good look at the man. Her instinct told her it was a fellow Power, and the predatorial smirk on his face told her that he wasn't one of the good ones. A whimper erupted from her throat as she took a step back, shaking lightly in fear, wide eyes glancing around helplessly. But no one would see them, and no one was probably close enough to hear a scream of help, but by then, it would be too late. She'd followed the kitten behind small tents and into an allyway. Calzone slipping from her hand, forgotten, Marine gathered the courage to speak. "Wh-what do you want?" She demanded, voice shaky. The man only smirked widely, taking a deep sniff of the air before grunting in satisfaction... A Sniffer.

"Miss Sesel, Doctor wants to give you something," He said in a falsetto. Marine started to run in the opposite direction, but froze on the spot, stumbling as she came to an abrupt start. Her eyes slipped out of focus, her body lax. "Name is Luigi Orazio. He's a nobody, Marine, and he wants to go to Nowhere.... but for now, he's in this town." The man continued, amusement evident in his voice. He gave Marine a picture of the man, which she pocketed silently.

Marine nodded slowly. "Will I get seashells, Doctor?" She asked in French, and the Sniffer nodded, not really caring about what she said, the girl gave him the creeps, he just wanted to leave. "You will, all the seashells you want. Blue ones. Now go."

The entranced Marine went to Push the kind old man that had sold her the calzone as she'd been directed to do by Division.

Target exterminated.

Other: *important*
Kind and empathetic, Marine is obviously not a killer by nature. Due to all the drugs that Division gave her when younger, she falls into a trancelike state when Pushing moderately. She has been made to believe in this state that her targets are ''nothings'', and ''nothings'' don't have families or feel pain, therefore they're just wasted space and want to be eliminated. In order for her to become this way, a Division member either calls her cell phone or comes to her in person, says a keyword that triggers her state, and when she completes the job, a keyword that ends it. After she snaps out of it, she realizes what she's done and cries, falling into a temporary depression afterwards.
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Marine Sesel /ACTPD/
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