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 Eivindur Ingólfurson /ACTPD/

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Eyvindur Ingólfurson
Lýðveldið Ísland ☆
Eyvindur Ingólfurson

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Eivindur Ingólfurson  /ACTPD/ Empty
PostSubject: Eivindur Ingólfurson /ACTPD/   Eivindur Ingólfurson  /ACTPD/ I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 1:08 pm


Name: Eivindur Ingólfurson
Age: 17
Birthplace: Reykjavik, Iceland.
Power: Shadow
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs
Division: Is a member of the Norwegian Division.

Eivindur Ingólfurson  /ACTPD/ Pbucket

Eyvindur appears cold and composed on the surface, but deep down he's hot-blooded and passionate. He's suspicious towards strangers and doesn't trust easily. Because of this only a chosen few are able to come close to him. He's very attached to Lars, the leader of the Norwegian Division, and he thinks of him as a brother even if it's not something he likes to admit. He's easily embarrassed whenever Lars teases him and usually becomes very flustered and hot-headed if he doesn't stop.

Eivindur dislikes violence and only kills in self defense or to protect those who are dear to him. He disagrees with the Divison's ambitions and only fulfills any mission he's given for the sake of staying alive, and perhaps make his leader proud.


Eivindur was born in Reykjavik and spent the five first years of his life in Iceland. His father was a retired sailor, whom worked in the fish industry and his mother was and employee at a small bakery.

Eivindur’s powers started to develop his powers at an early age, but he didn’t realize it himself until many years later. He was always encouraged by his father to play hide and seek. It was nothing but a game to Eivindur, but upon seeing his father’s face light up whenever he got better at it, the game quickly became the boy’s favorite.

Until he reached the age of five, Eivindur’s life had been rather idyllic. But this changed one night when the boy was kidnapped by the Norwegian Divison. His father was killed by the Divison that night, however Eivindur does not remember this even if it happened right in front of his eyes. He had been told to stay hidden, and at first the Divison had not been aware of his presence, but he had cried out in protest upon hearing the gunshot and seeing his father slide down against the wall, leaving a trail of blood behind. A simple Push had changed the image, and it left him believing that his loving father was anything but loving. A man who killed his own wife and would have killed his son if the Divison had not rescued him.

Being a mere child Eivindur was confused and frightened by his new surroundings in the Division‘s headquarters. He didn’t like the never ending hospital halls where all the doors seemed to lead to the same room, a room with white walls and a bed with straps connected to it, nor did he like the strangers who would pierce his skin with needles and make him swallow pills he didn’t know the effect of. But after living like this for a few weeks he had discovered that he wasn’t the only child there. He had met a boy called Lars, whom had supported him and helped him endure. The pair quickly became inseparable, and the Divison allowed this, because they could see that the boys would develop their powers faster when encouraged by the other.

Even after starting to learn the names of and recognize agents and scientists around them Eivindur always viewed them as strangers. Only Lars would be treated as family, He had even called the older boy "stóri bróðir", big brother, until he reached the age of 14. Later he denies having done something so childish, however he continues staying by Lars’ side. Eivindur's powers are not meant for killing, they're meant to protect, and so he uses them to defend the one whom is dearest to him.

[fhysuagdjlkdsilflhiu I thought this would be short]

RP Sample:

It was beyond Eivindur how he had willingly went along on this mission without a second thought. Perhaps he hadn't realized that there were worse things in life than being separated from his closest friend for a few weeks. Or maybe it didn't cross his mind that leaving for Hong Kong meant going far away from the safety of his home. Every day since their travel started the days had been chaotic and the nights nearly sleepless. He had been sure this night would be different, finally getting to spend it at a hotel room that didn't make him wrinkle his nose in disgust upon entering it. Clean sheets, a proper bathroom, no mold or strange smells. It should have been perfect for getting the rest he needed so badly. Yet he couldn't sleep.

He sighed and rested his forehead against the window, the cold surface reminded him of home, the numbing sensation of ice and snow against his skin, but the noises and lights of the city broke the illusion. Just then he'd give anything just to block out the sounds, and be able to look up and see a clear night sky that wasn't clouded by polluted air. Nothing seemed pure and untouched here. Eivindur disliked it, but he didn't hate the place as much as he hated what it did to his leader, whom he secretly called brother. Lars looked so sickenly pale these days. He was always pale. However his cheeks lacked the slight glow they'd get in the fresh winter air and he never saw that small hint of a smile that used to be there whenever the two of them spent time alone. He missed that comfortable silence between them more than anything. When no words were spoken, because they simply weren't needed when Lars' presence was enough to make him feel at ease.

[Ahahaha I'm totally gay for my brother D;]

Other: He hates the sound of gunshots, and even if it's something he hears on a regular base he'll cringe and shudder every time a gun is fired. His powers are strong, but he can't fully block a Watcher even if he can weaken their ability. He believes in fairies and other magical creatures, and claims that he can sometimes see a fairy circling around Lars.
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Eivindur Ingólfurson /ACTPD/
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