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 Feliciano Vargas /ACTPD/

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Feliciano Vargas
Repubblica Italiana ☆
Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Feliciano Vargas /ACTPD/   Feliciano Vargas /ACTPD/ I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2009 8:02 pm


Feliciano Vargas


Venice, Italy


172 cm (roughly 5'7")

137 lbs


Appearance: [ Picture ]
Feliciano has short brown hair that occasionally seems to reflect a reddish tint, depending on the lighting. One particular strand is longer than the rest and curls upward at the left side of his head; it serves as an erogenous zone for the young man. His eyes are a soft shade of golden-brown, but he usually leaves them half-closed as he goes about his day. He often appears somewhat weak and scrawny, but with the proper motivation he can be amazingly swift.

Although his family lineage is fairly impressive, Feliciano himself is somewhat of a useless crybaby. Despite this, he is usually cheerful, energetic, and friendly. He loves both preparing and eating food; in particular, he favors pasta, pizza, gelato, and cheese and is a picky gourmet. Other hobbies of his include singing, painting, and taking siestas at three o'clock in the afternoon. He tends to sleep naked, which causes problems whenever he forgets to put his pants back on afterward.

Feliciano Vargas was born in Italy. His father has strong connections with the Italian mafia, so Feliciano's earliest memories consist of traveling in and out of Italy with his father. Of his mother, he has little to no memories.

When he was about ten years old, he found out that he had an older brother. After pleading with his father for some time, he was brought to meet his sibling Lovino, but the other didn't seem to share his optimistic view of life. Despite the abrasive meeting, Feliciano came to love and rely upon his older brother, especially once they got old enough to be independent.

He himself has had little to do with the Division at this point, mafia connections or no. Even so, he would probably be of little use as an agent. While he is actually a fairly powerful Bleeder, he isn't fond of violence or fighting. He is much more likely to run or plead his way out of tense situations than to actually fight back. If forced into combat, however, he will utilize his power as a Bleeder to try and get himself free.

RP Sample:
"Ve~" Feliciano uttered the verbal tic without realizing it, yawning as he sat up and stretched. Or, at least, he tried to. He quickly realized that this was hard to do, considering that he seemed to be sealed within a wooden crate.

"Huh?" The Italian paused, his golden-brown eyes actually opening the entire way for once. "Where am I?" The box refused to answer.

Last he remembered, he had been settling down for a siesta. That nice man had suggested that he use his flat as a place to sleep, and Feliciano had happily taken him up on the generous offer. Now he was in a wooden crate, and-- where were his clothes? It seemed that whoever had put him in here hadn't bothered to grab Feliciano's clothes while he did it.

"Ve? Is anyone there?" The brunet called out hopefully. No one replied.

Although he didn't know it, he was currently on a flight to Hong Kong.

Oh, the joys of white slavery.

Protip: He eventually escapes.
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Feliciano Vargas /ACTPD/
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